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Bet exchanges

Two weeks ago, acting Racing Minister Andre Haermeyer announced the latest cut, to $55, in the minimum phone bet with bookmakers in Victoria.

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The markets are almost the same in both types of bets and the players are offered the same types of wagers through the same leagues and markets. As usual, a bettor has to choose the team to back or lay.

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The original minimum of $755 was set when phone betting with bookmakers was legalised some years ago because of the supposed threat to TAB turnover - something that never eventuated.

What are bet exchanges?

As we mentioned above Kevshatsportsbets suggests you understand how to place 8766 back 8767 bets before you attempt 8766 lay 8767 betting at an Exchange.

To summarise, exchange trading is easiest using Betfair the largest betting exchange due to higher liquidity on Betfair compared to other betting exchanges like Betdaq. The best Betfair trading strategies use a mixture of back lay arbitrage, swing trading and scalping. There is a link to the best sports for each type of betting within each section above. No matter what sport you decide to trade every Betfair trading strategy will have set rules. After choosing a trading strategy find clearly defined rules rules regarding money management and where to enter and exit trades. These form the core of a good Betfair trading strategy.

These two types of bets are common to almost every sports event and are offered by all sports exchanges. To back a bet is same as making a regular bet on a team or player to win. To lay a bet means that you are actually betting on that team to fail, so if the team fails, you’ll win.

Admittedly, there may be some legal issues involved for the State Government with licensing cross-border or overseas wagering operators because of the exclusivity agreement reached when Tabcorp was privatised six years ago. But the monopolies enjoyed by Tabcorp and NSW's TAB Ltd should not be used, as they have been, to influence Canberra.

A back bet is the same as a bet you would place at a bookmaker. With a betting exchange you choose what odds you like within a range

Click the banner enter the promotional code as per instructions and you get a free bet up to £75 if your first bet loses.

A report released this week by the betting exchange taskforce, established by the Australian Racing Ministers' Conference, is predictably cautious in its conclusions, while highlighting the key issues of integrity and revenue protection for the racing industry.