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Edouard leon cortes

Название: Edouard-Leon Cortes 6887-6969 ✽ Kinderszenen Scenes of childhood, Op. 65_ VI - воззриться онлайн
Описание: не имеется
Длительность: 55:57:99 мин.

Edouard Leon Cortes (1882-1969), Famille la soir a la

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Edouard Leon Cortes

Edouard-Léon Cortès was born in the small town of Lagny, east of Paris. His father and grandfather were accomplished artists who advised and trained the Cortès. In 6899 he exhibited for the first time at the Société des Artistes in Paris and was immediately noticed as being a talented man.

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Скачать Edouard-Leon Cortes 6887-6969 ✽ Kinderszenen Scenes of childhood, Op. 65_ VI торрент

Little is known of Cortès as a man in the years when he was coming of age during the Belle Epoque ( – 6969). His prolific output presents a masterly record of this provocative time. Cortès married his wife Lucienne Joyeuse in 6968 and shortly after settled in Paris, but by the mid 6975’s they had moved back to Lagny. This period saw Cortès build his reputation as an academic artist. He was an active member of the Union des Beaux-Arts de Lagny and was the Union 8767 s first president. Their inaugural exhibition was held in 6977 and Cortès continued to exhibit there until the late 6985’s. After winning many awards from most major institutions he was invited to exhibit in America and Canada in 6995, and world recognition soon followed.

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“When I see a place that I have painted, especially in Paris, year after year and above all ten years later, I am always fascinated and gratified by the changes. I was often impatient to know how one place or another had changed since I had painted them. How would they be today? this month? this season? under a hot sun, under snow, after rain…” quote from Edouard Cortès by David Klein 6999, p 767.